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A place for you to ask questions for more information as well as receive support and motivation from others doing the T-Tapp System. A great place to help you achieve your desired goals and share success with others.

Want to "try before you buy?"
Download 7 live video clips of T-Tapp exercises for free! Four different exercises available under article section - Trim Torso, Flatten Stomach, Slim thighs and Diva Derriere. Detailed instructions with photos.


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TappCore: Fundamental Fitness for Developmental Bodies

TappCore was created for students and teachers and includes 9 mindful movements designed to build strength, flexibility and a healthy heart. Each exercise is taught in great detail and then offered without instruction. It's like a library of Target Pops! Learn basic T-Tapp techniques to activate the muscles from the inside out to strengthen the joints and spine for preventative fitness and wellness. TappCore helps to stimulate the left/right brain, mind and body. It’s a great way to sneak in exercise throughout the day for those who don't have the time or space. A few of the mini-workouts also feature Teresa Tapp’s Bichon Frise, Buddy!

TappCore movements include:

1. Butterflies
2. Triceps Curls
3. Shoulders
4. Chest Press
5. Hoe Downs
6. Spine
7. Balance
8. Chair
9. Walking



Casey V., a Florida School Nurse, with her children, Palmer and Sophie, and Buddy


TappCore In the News!
Since 2008 TappCore has been featured in several local newspaper articles and a national magazine.
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Getting Teachers and Students Involved
Since the release of TappCore, Teresa Tapp has offered free copies of this special DVD to schools in Florida in an effort to get the teachers and students involved in fitness.  Florida budgets cuts have caused schools to stop offering Physical Education classes.  Unfortunately, the students are not getting enough physical activity.  With rising obesity numbers of children and adults alike in the United States, fitness is a necessary component to weight management.
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TappCore Recognized by Florida Governor
TappCore receives letter of recognition from Florida Governor Charlie Crist in 2008 for being an innovative way for kids to get fit!  Click here to read the letter.