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A place for you to ask questions for more information as well as receive support and motivation from others doing the T-Tapp System. A great place to help you achieve your desired goals and share success with others.

Want to "try before you buy?"
Download 7 live video clips of T-Tapp exercises for free! Four different exercises available under article section - Trim Torso, Flatten Stomach, Slim thighs and Diva Derriere. Detailed instructions with photos.


TappCore In the News!

Since the release of TappCore in 2008 several local newspapers and national magazines have published articles regarding this amazing program.


Tampa Tribune Newspaper

All Together: Step And Stretch Your Arms

May 16, 2009

Tampa Tribune Newspaper

TappCore Exercises Tap Into Brain, Show Results

November 7, 2008

Women's Fitness Magazine

Honey It's Not Baby Fat Anymore

Summer 2008