Michelle P.

Before (2007) and After (2009)

Before (2009) and After (2011)



My mom introduced me to T-Tapp in 2004. I saw the results she was experiencing, especially the increased mobility of her arm and decreased pain in her back that she'd been feeling for about 30 years after a bad car accident. I also noticed that she was losing weight and looked more toned. She especially turned me on to the move called Hoe Downs because it was so effective and something I could do in a couple minutes almost anywhere. I loved this move and it was the only part of the workout I did for about a year, sporadically. I've always been failry thin and fit, but the energy that T-Tapp gave me was incredible!

In 2005 I had my first child and I was feeling run-down. I wasn't sure I'd be able to be my active self again for a long time because my insides felt so bruised and disoriented. T-Tapp was the only thing I could do that was gentle enough for my postpartum body. I took it slow and gradually increased my workout to include more moves for longer time periods. I can confidently say that T-Tapp helped me to comfortably and safely get my body moving again. In 2007 I had my second child. Throughout the pregnancy I did T-Tapp about once a week and I noticed that it gave me more energy when I was feeling burnt out, and also helped me to sleep better. After my second son was born, I didn't feel as worn out physically as I did with my first son.

Something I was feeling uncomfortable about was all the "extra" skin I had on my belly, as I was one of those who fit the description of "all belly" throughout pregnancy. I was stretched to the max. I started doing T-Tapp about 6 weeks postpartum and was feeling a difference immediately, my insides seemed to be moving back into place much sooner than after my first pregnancy and birth. I still had a lot of extra skin though, and it would wrinkle dramatically when I'd flex my abdominals. Now don't get me wrong, I love my "mother's body" and honor my body and its changes, but I remembered that dry-skin brushing was also a part of the T-Tapp program and thought I'd give it a try!

I started dry-skin brushing about 4 months postpartum, several times a week and continued for the next year or two. I couldn't believe that my skin was regaining some of its elasticity and becoming less wrinkly-looking over time. Of course, doing the T-Tapp workout and eating well played an important role in this gradual transformation, but I am certain that the dry-skin brushing accelerated this process. It was the only thing "different" that I was doing from my "usual".

I still do T-Tapp (still mostly Hoe Downs! I also love the Primary Back Stretch, "Jumping Jacks", Stepping/Walking, T-Tapp Twist and Oil Wells) and I'm still dry-skin brushing, though I've gone some periods where I forget for awhile. I read somewhere that on a cellular level, every seven years we are literally "a whole new person", and I think that the detoxing and renewing effects of T-Tapp and dry-skin brushing accelerate that process!

You can read more of my story and see my results at my website.