Congratulations to the winners of the T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge 2015!

Grand Prize Winner: Karen T.

Grand Prize Winner: Rebecca W.

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In addition to losing inches quickly, T-Tappers report amazing improvements in health as well. Read on to see how T-Tappers have regained control...

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I never thought this would happen, as I have tried about every type of exercise tape there is, from step, Pilates, dance, weight work out, etc. But in August 2002, my wife saw you on a Cleveland news channel, and was really exited. Sally (my wife) got the tapes and got me to try them too. Let me back up a step to tell you about my background. I'm 53 years old, and an exercise advocate. I was into weight lifting, and bodybuilding, and a nautilus trainer for 7 years. As I got older, I wanted something to tone, yet keep up my strength, and not be doing it every day. This is it! My wife Sally lost 49.5 inches and 20 lbs. I have lost 38 inches all over, and 25 lbs., and still kept my muscle definition. I also had a torn rotator cuff that needed surgery, but I declined. My motion was limited to 28-30 degrees. Therapy just didn't cut it. I was going into a frozen shoulder. But using your tapes, arm and upper torso routines, I've increased my motion to 82-85 degrees much to the surprise of my doctor. Now my wife and I do an hour, three times a week, of the T-Tapp tapes. We even bought a small TV/VHS to take with us on vacation so we don't miss it. Thank you so much for your program, it' helped us to have happier, healthier lives. Steve Werner, OH

Read Berei's Success Story

Berei Brandenstein, Age 82 years young, Clearwater, FL. One year after starting T-Tapp has lost 22 lbs. and a total of 52" with no loose skin.
Read her success story

I wanted to thank Teresa and her whole team for producing such a wonderful program. I am 24 years old and live in Seattle. I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for numerous years (it was genetic, my mother has it). I also get chronic migraines, mostly stemming from neck and back tension.

Every morning before I started the T-Tapp workout, my neck and back would be unbearably tight and I would usually have a low-grade headache. I would try to ignore it and not take any medication but by the middle of the day I could not bear it anymore.

When I heard about T-Tapp's workout I decided to give it a try, as I Hate being is pain all the time. I play several different sports and did not understand how this would help me. When I received the tapes, I started doing the workout, my neck and back popped every time I moved! It felt wonderful, so good in fact that I did the tape again just to get all the knots out.

That night I slept like a baby. When I went to bed I had more dreams then I had ever had before and woke up an hour earlier than I usually do feeling completely refreshed and pain free.

Thanks again,
Michael Miller, WA

It's been 2 � months since I started the T-Tapp workout I've lost 21 � inches and 10 lbs. Inch- wise I'm close to where I was 12 years ago (and 4 pregnancies) after working out 5x a week at a gym for a year. You gave it to me in 2 � months! Now after 4 months I've lost a total of 30" and 17 lbs. The CRT system is awesome- in 1 week I lost all the bumps on upper thigh and decreased those on back significantly. And after losing 30" I have absolutely no loose skin. I never thought at my age I could regain skin elasticity. Now my husband is starting your program! Carol Mohr, Holland, MI

I lost 4" in the first week and at the end of 2 weeks my total inch loss is 14.25! Leonor Oliveria., Salt Lake City, UT

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